1. How Do I Access My Digital Download?

Your downloadable files are located in your order history. Login to your account, select “view” on your order, and click on your Download.

2. How Do I get my Digital download to open or play?

The digital downloads are in a Zipped File. Make sure you have allowed your computer to complete the download before you attempt to open the file. (if you try and open the zipped file before it has completed the download, it will say the file is “corrupt”) Once your zipped file is open, drag out the MP3 files into the music player on your computer.  Zipped Files CANNOT be opened or saved to a mobile device. ALL DIGITAL DOWNLOAD SALES ARE FINAL.

3. How Do I get my digital download to play on my iphone, ipad, kindle or other Mobile device?

The downloads are in a Zipped File.  Mobile devices will not open these types of files. You will need to download your files onto a computer.  For more information about this visit HERE.

4. I Pre-Ordered an album package, when will I receive these?

All physical, well as digital download pre-orders will arrive on our around the release date of the album.

5. What is TWOSEVENTWO SHOP and why is it on my credit card statement?

Charges to your credit card will appear as TWOSEVENTWO SHOP and not as the artist’s name.  We handle several shops for several artists, so please do not dispute charges from TWOSEVENTWO SHOP if you have purchased something from one of our artists.

6. Do you have a general sizing chart?

Yes.  We do.  You can find that HERE

If you have any other questions please contact SHOP@TWOSEVENTWO.US.